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Welcome to Drug Alcohol Intervention, an innovative solution in the field of addiction medicine and recovery. We have developed this comprehensive referral service as a way of giving back to people still suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Our trained consultants and intervention specialists are standing by to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Our Mission
At Drug Alcohol Intervention, our mission is to provide compatible referral and treatment services and a helpful compilation of resources for problems related to the misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol. We want our experience and expertise to save you time, money and the suffering of families who have come before you.

Our Approach
We ask you to fill out the contact sheet on this page so we can have personal contact with you as soon as possible. Each situation is entirely different and we want to be able to offer you a solution that will work the best for you. The more detail and information you can give, the better able we are to serve you and your needs. Combined, the Drug Alcohol Intervention team has over 25 years of personal experience in drug intervention and alcohol recovery. All of our interventionists and consultations utilize their life skills and experience to help you and your family get help.

Our Promise
Addiction to drugs, alcohol and other substances (including gambling, food, people, etc.) is a serious problem that sometimes only has one chance to be solved. Our promise to you is to do everything we can to offer the very best solution for a drug or alcohol problem. We promise to listen, to be compassionate, and to give 110%, because your life, or the life of your loved one, depends on it. We know what it is like to be at the absolute depths of despair under the control of drugs and alcohol without hope, and want to save you from these horrors if at all possible. We promise unrivaled, personal attention and commitment to you and your recovery.





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