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Adolescent interventions have become highly publicized in recent years both in news and television media. One reason for this is because adolescent interventions are one of the most common types of interventions that take place as a last resort for desperate parents or relatives. The adolescent intervention process at Drug Alcohol Intervention is unique because of our special consultation process and execution of successful intervention. We want you to understand - interventions are used as a last resort - this means often times there is no second chance.

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Why Adolescent Interventions are Different
Adolescent interventions can be difficult because of the unpredictable nature of teenagers and their extreme investment in "trying to be like everyone else". Adolescent drug and alcohol experimentation can be common, but misuse and abuse are not normal and need to be curbed before the problem becomes life-threatening. Drug or alcohol users that are teenagers often have a difficult time admitting to the fact that they have a problem and their denial can result in anger, rage, and a desire to do exactly the opposite of what their parents would want.

At Drug Alcohol Intervention, our staff has personal life experience both as young people dealing with addiction and/or alcoholism and helping thousands of young people begin their journey into recovery. Unlike older adult clients that have been using or drinking without major consequences for years, even decades, teenage users have a higher probability to hit bottom and have very severe consequences as a result of their abuse. This rapid degeneration requires immediate action and extremely patience from the interventionist, family and friends. Addiction treatment will get the adolescent back on track on a road to recovery.

Common Misperceptions
Adolescents and their parents are often in heavy denial of a drug or alcohol problem. If you are a parent that has found our site and are still thinking that your child may not be "that bad", your concern is valid and the earlier you take action, the better. Because teenagers have only had a few years to fall into the cycle of addiction and alcoholism, they often think they are too young, or that it is a phase that will pass. For a number of them, this is true, but for the addicts and alcoholics that really need help, their problems can land them in prison, on the streets or even dead.

At Drug Alcohol Intervention we offer the opportunity for suffering parents and friends to communicate with others that have felt the same way and gone through with the intervention process. All families that have been saved by interventions and teen rehab will confirm absolute change in their lives and the life of their teenager.





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