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We offer executive intervention services for businessmen and women and executives that have been underperforming or have become a liability to their company as a result of drinking or drug use. Drug alcohol intervention has been performing successful executive interventions for many years and understands the delicate nature of this process.

How Executive Interventions Work
An executive intervention is often requested by an employer or owner of a company in order to help a coworker or employee that has become a liability instead of an asset. Substance abuse of alcohol and drugs can lead to a lack of productivity and creativity, tardiness or no-shows, poor decision making skills and a loss of customers or customer relations. The process of firing someone or even letting them go because of a drug or alcohol problems is not the most compassionate, nor the most cost-effective solution compared to alcohol treatment.

It is better try to correct the problem and save a great employee as well as his/her life if at all possible. Interventions that are performed with executives in a corporate or professional setting are highly effective and we recommend consultation with our specialists before proceeding because of the fragile nature of the situation.

The Executive Intervention Process
The executive drug intervention process at Drug Alcohol Intervention is different than a family or adolescent intervention. It is essential that an executive intervention is done under the supervision of an intervention specialist because of public relation issues, disclosure issues, legal complications, and other issues that may be affected as a result of choosing an intervention. While we are not legal experts, the interventionists and our professional consultants can help you figure out the best way to approach a problem with an executive in your office or company.

The first step in an alcohol intervention is making contact with a intervention consultant to make a basic plan of action. Depending on the severity of the situation, we will be able to assist you in creating a timeline and plan of action. After initial contact, the interventionist will come to you, or continue to have phone conversations with you to figure out what type of intervention you need. The interventionist will meet with you and other members of your company (if desired) and the pre-intervention meeting will secure all of the details of the actual intervention. The intervention can take place at the office (usually after hours) or in another safe place such as an associate's home. After a successful intervention takes place, the individual will agree to go to a drug or alcohol treatment program with a sober escort.

If one of your executives or someone you work with needs help, please call Drug Alcohol Intervention today and find out how.





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