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A family intervention takes place when a member of someone's family becomes out-of-control or abusive to themselves or others as a result of the misuse of drugs or alcohol. Other intervention services are offered by Drug Alcohol Intervention for gambling, sex addiction and eating disorders, however drug and alcohol interventions are the most common type of family intervention that takes place.

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Family Intervention Defined
Family interventions are extremely important to the integrity and emotional health of a family if one of the key members has become destructive or has a problem that is getting perpetually worse. Family members often take the brunt of the blame by an alcoholic or addict unwilling to get help, and it is family members that most often enable an alcoholic or addict before they decide to get help at treatment facilities through an intervention or other similar service.

We want you to understand that you are probably seeking out help as a last resort, and we are glad you have come to Drug Alcohol Intervention. Chances are you have already confronted your loved one without success and you already know that drug addiction and alcoholism are diseases that kill hundreds of thousands of people each and every year.

Make a different decision today by learning more about the option of family intervention. The actual family intervention is a loving, firm confrontation of a serious problem that has been affecting you and your family negatively, for months, and more commonly years. Getting rid of the disease of drug addiction and alcoholism is essential to the survival of your loved one and your family.

Common Myths About Family Intervention
Myth # 1: "I can't go through with a family intervention, he/she will be really angry with me."

Truth #1: Its possible that he/she will be angry with you, however if you choose not to help your loved one, the consequences including jail, insanity and death are much worse. Momentary anger will hopefully be relieved by years of happiness, sobriety and growth to follow.

Myth #2: "I might be worrying to much, I'm just exaggerating the problem and it actually isn't that bad."

Truth #2: This is common self-talk among family members that have continually enabled the drug and alcohol use of the addicted individual. If you are seeking help, chances are it IS that bad. Take a moment to reason honestly with yourself and choose what is best for YOU and your loved one.





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