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The online services provided by Drug Alcohol Intervention were created in order to reach and help the greatest number of people possible. We believe by carrying out this message through the Internet and through personal referrals our services remain confidential and we keep with our original purpose of helping addicts and alcoholics find a treatment program that works for them.

Intervention Services
The main purpose of Drug Alcohol Intervention is to provide confidential consultation and provide successful drug and alcohol intervention services. Our interventionists are trained professionals in the field of addiction medicine. We are committed to offered compassionate intervention services to help convince addicted people to becoming willing to rehabilitate their lives. All interventions are conducted under the supervision of Robin McGeogh, our top interventionist. Mr. McGeogh is a California Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor/Interventionist (C.D.A.C.) with a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Intervention Basics
The first step in a drug intervention is when a loved one of an alcoholic or addict contacts our trained specialists to find out exactly how an intervention could work for them. Our consultants ask questions and listen to each specific situation and make recommendations accordingly. Each situation is completely different and must be approached with care and understanding. Once the initial contact is made, the interventionist will further consult with the family and friends to find out what type of treatment program would work best after the intervention takes place. The loved ones, with the guidance of the interventionist then create a plan of action which requires the interventionist go to the location of the suffering alcoholic or addict. A pre-intervention meeting is arranged to figure out the best approach for the situation. The intervention always takes place in a safe place, usually in the home of the individual or a loved one. Once the intervention plan is made, the time, place and plan of action for the intervention are arranged. The intervention is most often a surprise, as the individual would otherwise not show up. The actual intervention is a compassionate, yet firm confrontation facilitated by the interventionist with supportive, productive input by family and friends. A successful drug alcohol intervention results in the individual agreeing to go to a drug addiction program. The interventionist accompanies the individual from the intervention to treatment and can stay on board part of the support system until after treatment is completed.

Referral and Treatment Services
Drug alcohol intervention has researched and utilized the services of treatment and rehabilitation centers nationwide. We can provide referral services for individuals seeking treatment for themselves by first consulting with them to see exactly what they are looking for. We are able to offer treatment services such as drug detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, aftercare, sober living arrangements, sober coaching and spiritual guidance. We can help arrange transportation to and from treatment as well as any other services that might be required.





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