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Drug and alcohol treatment centers are a dime a dozen, but choosing the one that will work for you once and for all is a completely different story. Here at Drug Alcohol Intervention, our combined experience in the field of addiction medicine makes us experts and placing individuals in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that will work for them. Our drug and alcohol treatment services range from the very beginning process of a drug or alcohol intervention, to drug detox, outpatient and residential treatment programs, aftercare, sober living, and sober coaching.

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Drug Intervention
A drug or alcohol intervention takes place when an individual with a substance abuse problem is not able to admit to this fact. An intervention is the result of concerned family or friends creating a loving, constructive plan of action to help a person become willing to go to a drug treatment facility.

Drug Detox
The drug detox process occurs in the initial phase of a drug or alcohol treatment center when a person's body is supersaturated with outside chemicals and toxins. The detoxification process is a full body cleansing which done properly is overseen by licensed professionals and medical doctors.

Outpatient Drug Treatment
Outpatient drug treatment is often utilized when an individual needed drug or alcohol treatment is unable to abandon other daily life commitments such as work or children. Outpatient care is an effective solution for an individual that is committed to sobriety and recovery but cannot function within a 24/7, inpatient drug treatment program. Outpatient drug treatment typically includes individual and group therapy sessions and an obligation on the part of the client to attend 12-step meetings or other types of addiction recovery groups.

Residential Drug Treatment
Residential drug treatment centers are necessary when an individual needs a stable, safe environment in which intense recovery and healing work can take place. Residential treatment can range from one or two weeks up to 90 days depending on the severity of the chemical dependency, with the average around 30 days. Residential treatment programs focusing on helping individuals learn new life skills to aid them in sobriety.

Aftercare, Sober Living, Life Coaching
Aftercare, sober living and life coaching are all programs that can be helpful to individuals new in recovery. Aftercare, similar to outpatient treatment is recommended for clients who require extra support after the initial addiction treatment process. Sober living environments offer a safe, sober environment with a semi-structured daily schedule and the benefit of living with other people intent on staying sober. Life coaching is also beneficial if individuals are interested in having a companion in the first few days or weeks following drug treatment.





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